Class + Event Descriptions

We’re always developing new wellness programs to serve kids and families here at Parker Place. Be sure to check out our upcoming public classes and events, and view our master catalog of class topics (past, present and future) below!

Cooking & Home Gardening Classes

Cook & Compose: Designed to teach kids healthy food prep and cooking skills as well as build their independence in the kitchen, this class is a great hands-on introduction to cooking! Kids will learn and practice basic knife skills, as well as preparing a meal and healthy dessert that they can replicate at home for their families!

KiDelicious Kitchen.jpg

KiDelicious Kitchen: In this hands-on class, kids will be led through a fun seasonal cooking project, focusing on healthy ingredients and experimenting with a variety of flavors and textures. Basic knife skills and culinary prep will be covered, too!

Get Your Veggiecation Degree!: Geared toward our younger students of nutrition, this class will introduce your child to the world of vegetables using a hands-on, themed approach. Kids will work together to learn about and prepare healthy snacks and side dishes they will enjoy making with you at home again and again.

Superfoods for Super Kids: Does your little superhero want to grow bigger and stronger and be super ready to take on the world? In this superhero themed class, your little ones will learn just how “super” some foods can be. What was once a boring vegetable or fruit becomes re-imagined and your super kid will begin to choose foods to strengthen their superpowers.

Healthy Snacks How-To: Think outside of the cracker and cookie box and create better snacking habits.Learn how fruits, vegetables and wholesome ingredients come together to make nibbles that are both delicious and nutritious. It’s fun food that bridges that gap between meals, gets little ones mindful about munching, and helps moms and dads feel good about grazing.

Healthy Lunches How-To: Are you sometimes at a loss when it comes to lunch? Not anymore! Healthy lunches are easier than you think and there are countless ways to bag a better lunch. In this class, kids and parents will explore a colorful bounty of foods that are quick, convenient and most importantly, make healthy eating exciting.

Favorites More Fit: Chicken nuggets, pizza and French fries are all good choices in this class! We make them ourselves and see to it that they are “more fit” for healthy bodies. Not only are everyone’s favorite foods fun to make, they can actually be more tasty and satisfying than the ones that you buy from the freezer section of your local grocery market.

Wholesome and Then Some: Have you and your kids ever tried to eat healthfully but find the food bland, boring or downright difficult to swallow? Not here! In this class we will put together wonderfully wholesome meals and snacks that bring a little more to the textures and most importantly, taste!


Mastering Meatless Mondays: You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy a meal full of fresh veggies, legumes, and grains. Come learn how to incorporate delicious and meatless meals that the whole family will love into your weekly rotation.

Winner, Winner, Better Dinner: Part demo and part hands-on, this cooking class will show parents and caregivers how to prepare one dinner and then repurpose it into additional meals for your busy family. You’ll also make healthy mini-meals for families on the go, discuss how to conquer those dinner challenges, and receive a recipe and tip sheet to take home!

Touch, Toss & Taste - Cooking With All Five Senses: In this hands-on introduction to healthy food prep, our younger friends will explore various foods, tossing in ingredients to create simple recipes. They’ll then taste their creations and come home with their own healthy recipes to share!

Club Cook for Homeschoolers: Get ready to grow your independence in the kitchen and learn meal prep basics in this hands-on cooking class! You’ll have the opportunity to explore new flavors and textures and learn simple recipes you can use to wow your family!

Home Gardening 101: Everyone says eating locally is best. What better way to have fresh, local veggies available all season long than to learn how to grow them yourself? From herbs to pumpkins, learn how to cultivate delicious food in your backyard, community garden, or windowsill! Children will leave each class with a small gardening project to continue at home.

Exercise & Movement CLASSES

“Mommy & Me” Yoga: This class is created as a special bonding experience for moms and kids 5 and under, up to and including babies! Little movers can practice their poses right alongside their parent, while babies may be worn or nestled in a carrier. Yoga mats are provided. Moms and kids alike will love this program created just for them!

Mommy & Me Yoga.jpg

Yoga for Kids: Children will build strength, flexibility and confidence in this class combining classic yoga poses and breathing techniques with playful paired poses and activities just for kids. Each class will build upon the foundation of the prior class and engender an appreciation for the joy of practicing yoga.

Zumba for Kids: Kids will love moving and grooving to our Zumba Kids class, based on original Zumba choreography and adapted with games and activities just for school-agers. No Zumba or dance experience necessary!

Hip Hop Dance: What better way to enjoy exercise than by dancing to today’s favorite music? Try out a fun new form of exercise and learn the basics of hip hop dancing with an enthusiastic and seasoned instructor – no dance experience necessary!

Warrior Kids: This class is designed to get kids active and moving! More than your typical exercise or gym class, our class specializes in ninja warrior-style obstacle courses and parkour movements to ensure every kid is having fun every class! We will be working on body weight movements, balance, coordination, and most importantly finding a passion for staying healthy and active!


Parker Place Playdate: Bring your little ones for a fun session of open play in Parker Place’s gym space! They’ll love exploring, dancing, climbing, building, pretending and more. Parents and caregivers will also have the opportunity to chat with Dr. Elizabeth Parker about any questions you may have about your child’s nutrition or general well-being.

Strength Training for Kids: This physical fitness-focused class guides kids in improving their overall strength and endurance. Utilizing body weight movements, this fun and focused exercise will boost conditioning, strength and endurance.

KidCircuit: This class for all ages will take kids through a circuit training session involving strength, conditioning and flexibility. Kids will be engaged in a variety of fun activities, and they won’t even notice they are increasing lean body mass and improving their cardio-respiratory conditioning.

Let’s Dance!: In this class, students will begin with a warm up of their muscles from head to toe, with specific emphasis on isolation of body parts and muscle groups. The class will then transition into moving across the floor with modern, yet kid-friendly tunes to get them moving and enjoying the rhythms.

Imaginative Movement: This class will be sure to tap into your kiddo’s creative side. Exercises will include acting out everything from animals to robots, seasonal activities to feelings. Your child will be encouraged to express themselves through movement, and will find that they can exercise both their bodies and minds and have a great time doing so!

Dance Party!: Let’s move it! Kids of all ages are welcome at this class. From modern dance to jazzercise moves, children will learn some new steps to get them moving and grooving. The class will also feature a freeze dance party so your kids can practice their new moves and express their own unique dance styles.

Nutrition Classes

game 1.JPG

Nutrition Basics Series: Everything you need to know about the foods that treat your body right. Age-appropriate lessons on what it means to eat “real food,” how to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their daily meals, why we should limit added sugars, and tools to help everyone enjoy a balanced, healthy diet. Take the classes in any order you choose! Class topics include: Eat the Rainbow/Eat Real Food, MyPlate & More, Sweet as Sugar, and Eat Mostly Plants.

Eating Green - What Does It Really Mean?: This information-packed class will focus on how our food choices affect our environment and the complex relationship between our food system and our natural world.

Technology to Table: Smartphones, apps, and the internet are everywhere, so let’s use them to help us be healthy. Explore various apps and online resources to help you with Parker Place’s four basic principles of nutrition! We also want to hear about your favorite online resources, so bring your ideas and your favorite device!

Mind & Body Classes

Let It Out!: This class provides kids an outlet to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. We’ll learn how to identify emotions and develop emotional intelligence and problem solving through games and age-appropriate activities. We’ll open conversations about topics like self-image and how a healthy lifestyle affects our self-esteem. We’ll also practice how to be our #1 fans, love ourselves, and feel pride for all the effort we put in on a daily basis!

Classes Just For Parents & Caregivers

Parent & Caregiver Wellness and Support: We’re here to help you support your children as they learning to take care of their health at Parker Place. In this class, we’ll cover topics such as adopting wellness-promoting routines at home, helping your child develop self confidence, exploring the building blocks of a child’s mental wellness, connecting with your own sense of wellness, understanding the emotional effects of medical conditions, and how positive self-talk can affect those conditions. Sharing ideas within a supportive group of parents and caregivers will be the focus of this evolving class.

Food: Fact or Folklore: Are carbs really the enemy? How much protein do you actually need? Is honey really better for you than sugar? Led by a dietitian, this class will be a discussion about some commonly-held “food myths” that we are bombarded with daily. Join us to find out what we really know about these “hot” nutrition topics and separate fact from folklore.

You Want Me to Eat What?!: Has your child been labeled a “picky eater?” Can you count all the food he or she likes on one hand? Come explore ways to help your child embrace new foods and make meal time more enjoyable for everyone.

Interested in bringing your family to one of these great classes, or having us design a custom program just for you? Check out our programs for schools, camps and community groups, as well as for informal small groups, or contact us directly to discuss your ideas!