Welcome to Parker Place!

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I’m so glad you are here! Parker Place is the culmination of a vision I have been forming over the last few years. As a Pediatric Endocrinologist, I have been working with children and adolescents for over 10 years and very much enjoying helping them reach a healthy place in their lives. I have treated all types of endocrine issues including thyroid problems, poor growth, puberty issues, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, and other hormone abnormalities. While doing so I realized that many of my patients’ medical issues would benefit from healthy lifestyle changes such as improving their diet, exercising more, or getting the proper amount of sleep. I tried to discuss these healthy habits with all my patients but in the context of a busy medical practice it was difficult to give these important topics the time they needed. And so, the idea of Parker Place was born!

What to Expect at Parker Place?

Here at Parker Place you will have the opportunity to meet with me for an extended consultation visit and you will never feel rushed. We will focus on how nutrition, stress management, sleep habits and exercise can impact your health with an emphasis on your specific medical issues. Together we will create an individualized healthy lifestyle plan with goals that you feel are achievable. Parker Place will offer many opportunities for you to start reaching those goals. In addition, during follow-up visits we will discuss any barriers preventing you from carrying out your healthy lifestyle plan and work to find ways to meet your goals or adjust them to keep you healthy but also fit into your life.

Parker Place is Support for You and Your Child

If you or your child have been told by your doctor that adjusting your diet, exercising more, or managing weight could help your overall health or a specific medical problem you face, Parker Place is here for you. We will provide a comprehensive program of medical care, nutrition education, exercise and skill-building to support you in effective and sustainable lifestyle change that will afford you many healthy years ahead.So welcome! Please keep an eye on my blog to hear more about important medical issues, nutrition pearls, tips to keep you moving, and information on what we’ll be offering here at Parker Place. I look forward to meeting you soon and please contact me if you have any questions.