our approach to care


Parker Place is, by design, a very different kind of medical practice, founded by Dr. Elizabeth Parker as an alternative to the often overscheduled, largely impersonal treatment provided in large clinical settings. Specifically, Dr. Parker strives to offer the following to each of her patients and their families:

Holistic, Patient-Centered Care

Dr. Parker understands that many of our patients have an extensive history of medical issues, and have sought care from multiple providers. Integrating your child’s weight management and endocrine treatment within the broader scope of his or her health care is a priority for our practice. In addition, Dr. Parker seeks to address your child’s medical needs as part of a whole-life approach to wellness. Nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, stress management and more are discussed, with the goal of helping your child to build positive habits for a lifetime of good health.


One of the biggest motivators for Dr. Parker to open Parker Place was to have the luxury of spending more focused time with each of her patients and their families. Our appointments are structured specifically to allot plenty of time for a thorough consultation and exam, answering questions, and providing each family with any relevant resources.


At Parker Place, we believe that having the whole family’s support is integral to a child’s success in achieving better health. That’s why we work with both our patients and their parents to identify lifestyle goals and formulate a plan for achieving them. Getting everyone involved maximizes the child’s likelihood of sustaining positive habits and embracing wellness for life.


Because a big part of our care model is based on encouraging kids and families to build healthy habits, it’s important to us that our patients are as involved as possible in their own appointments. We want them to feel motivated to take charge of their health and invested in the goals they are setting, and to develop a trusting relationship with Dr. Parker. In addition, as a pediatric practice, we recognize our role in helping kids develop essential skills, including being able to converse with health care providers and learning to advocate for themselves. With this in mind, we highly encourage children 13 and older to spend time meeting independently with Dr. Parker during each visit. You can read more about our philosophy on fostering independence among our adolescent patients here.


We believe in not only communicating with our patients and their families, but also with their other health care providers. This helps to ensure that each child’s care is consistent and addresses the “big picture” of his or her health. With your permission, our staff will proactively request your child’s medical records from his or her other providers, and we will also update those providers on the outcome of any appointments in our practice.


Many patients who visit our practice are dealing with sensitive medical issues. Please be assured that, in addition to protecting the confidentiality of your child’s medical records in accordance with the law, we also approach our conversations directly with, and about, your child in a discreet and age-appropriate way. Some parents have expressed concern about how their child will feel about discussing or being treated for things like slow growth or weight concerns. Others have had less-than-pleasant interactions with other medical providers when their child deals with gender dysphoria, mental health conditions, or a long history of food-related issues. At Parker Place, everyone on our staff will honor your child’s privacy and make him or her as comfortable as possible throughout the appointment.


Finally, we’ve designed the “Parker Place experience” to be one that is positive and affirming from the moment you step through our door. You and your child will feel welcomed by our friendly staff and our bright, cheery office environment, and you will feel listened to and valued throughout the time you’re here. We want our medical practice to be one that kids and parents alike look forward to visiting, and for everyone who enters to feel inspired to transform their health.

My 9-year-old daughter was referred to Dr. Parker by her pediatrician. The office manager, Jennifer, is amazing! She was able to get us scheduled quickly and was very communicative, friendly, and accommodating. She greeted us warmly when we arrived. Dr. Parker was very thorough with obtaining my daughter’s history, reviewing labwork, and discussing all my questions and concerns. She had a wonderful bedside manner with my daughter and was sure to include her in the discussion. It is always anxiety provoking having to go see a new doctor, but I cannot say enough positive things about this practice. I would highly recommend Dr. Parker to anyone with pediatric endocrinology needs!
— K.T.


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