Empowering our Adolescent Patients


At Parker Place, we aim to educate and empower children and adolescents to develop healthy habits that support their lifelong wellness. We’ve found that for teenagers (especially those who are being seen for weight management and other lifestyle concerns), appointments are most productive when the teen spends time at each visit meeting independently with Dr. Parker.

Our purpose in encouraging this one-on-one time with the doctor is manyfold:

  • Teens are often in control of many of their meals and snacks, as well as whether they make time for exercise, get enough sleep, and properly manage their stress.

  • Encouraging teens’ direct involvement in their health-related decisions appeals to their natural desire for independence, often resulting in more active participation and engagement on their part.

  • Teens are more likely to be successful if they feel invested in setting, and achieving, their own health goals.

  • Even when parents are expressing genuine concern, teens often perceive they are being judged or pressured. Meeting independently with Dr. Parker helps to foster a trusting patient/doctor relationship in which there can be more open communication.

Dr. Parker has a unique opportunity to help teens to learn important communication tools, which will be useful to them when discussing their health goals and strategies with their family members, as well as when advocating for themselves in health care settings throughout their lives.

We have structured appointments for our teenaged patients in a way that allows independent interaction with Dr. Parker, with supplementary involvement from the parent or guardian. Here’s what you and your teenager can expect.

New Appointments

  • Dr. Parker will meet with you (the parent or guardian) and your teen together to get to know more about the family, obtain a full and accurate medical history, and understand each person’s concerns and questions.

  • Dr. Parker will then see your teen independently for the exam, a more detailed lifestyle discussion, and setting some healthy goals, while you wait comfortably in our reception area.

  • Toward the end of the visit, you’ll be invited back into the exam room for a brief review of what was discussed, and to address any remaining questions you may have.

Follow-Up Appointments

  • Dr. Parker will meet independently with your teen for a brief exam and to review their progress, discuss current concerns, and plan future goals.

  • You will be invited to join in for a brief review at the end of the visit.

We invite you to speak with any staff member if you have questions or concerns, and we appreciate your support as we aim to support your child’s health!