RISE Appointments

As part of our commitment to supporting the health of kids, teens and families throughout the Annapolis area and beyond, we’re proud to offer an innovative, doctor-facilitated wellness program available to everyone: RISE.

What is RISE?

In our medical practice, we’re privileged to treat children and adolescents with a wide variety of health conditions. We believe, however, that a number of these conditions can be mitigated, if not prevented altogether, by adopting healthier habits before an ongoing medical issue develops. In addition, we’ve listened to the parents and caregivers who contact for us for appointments, and have found that many families prefer to take a proactive approach in addressing their children’s wellness, without being impeded by their insurance company’s requirements and restrictions.

RISE is what we call our direct-pay consultation program, in which Dr. Elizabeth Parker meets directly with individual children and families to collaborate on wellness goals and create genuine improvement in their well-being. We chose to call the program RISE to represent our approach:

Relate: prioritizing a genuine rapport with each child we serve, getting to know their routines, challenges, and vision for a healthier future

Inspire: getting kids and teens excited about becoming healthier and connecting with their own role in setting and achieving their goals

Support: providing customized resources for each child’s and family’s specific needs in all aspects of wellness, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep habits, and emotional well-being

Empower: building kids’ confidence in taking control of their lifelong health and preparing them with all the tools they need to succeed

Each RISE appointment is designed with the individual’s and/or family’s unique objectives, challenges, schedule and budget in mind. Whether it’s a one-time consultation, an occasional “tune-up,” or an ongoing series of sessions, the purpose is the same: to help families achieve optimal health for a lifetime.

Who Can Benefit from a RISE Appointment?

Our RISE program was designed to be accessible to, and benefit, everyone. RISE appointments are a perfect fit for kids, teens and families who want to make positive lifestyle changes for a lasting impact on their health, as well as for anyone whose health issues may be more effectively addressed by a holistic approach outside the typical medical care model.

RISE appointments also are especially helpful for families who could use some additional guidance and support in implementing healthy habits. Often, we find that parents - and even kids - already have knowledge of general wellness concepts, but the challenge is putting that knowledge to good use. In other words, these families need help not so much with what to do, but how to do it.

Here are just a few examples of people who might benefit from our RISE program:

  • A child whose weight issue has been defined as “borderline” problematic and who wants to head off more serious health problems

  • Kids and parents who want to challenge themselves to get healthier together

  • A child whose complicated relationship with food may have led to nutritional deficiencies or other health problems

  • Pre-teens and teens who are now choosing snacks and meals more independently, but need guidance in making healthier choices

  • Kids and teens who are experiencing physical symptoms such as fatigue, hormonal imbalances and/or chronic constipation that may benefit from healthier habits

  • A child who takes medications that may have caused side effects of weight gain or loss, sleep interruption, or other physical problems

  • Families with a child who has previously been a patient in our lifestyle medical practice (for example, those dealing with obesity or overweight) and who want ongoing resources, support and accountability as they continue making progress toward their goals

  • Families who are juggling a complex set of medical issues or who feel frustrated by their past healthcare experiences and need clarity on what steps to take next

Again, because we customize each RISE appointment to the individual or family who requests it, there’s no limit to the scenarios in which we can offer resources and support.

What’s the difference between a medical appointment and a RISE appointment?

While RISE appointments are facilitated by Dr. Elizabeth Parker, the same board-certified pediatric endocrinologist who treats patients in our medical practice, they serve a different purpose. RISE appointments are an opportunity to help your child proactively take charge of their health, or to inspire your whole family to do the same. RISE appointments require no current or previous diagnosis - any family wishing to make changes in their health and wellness is welcome to schedule a consultation.

The health topics discussed - and the resources offered - in a RISE appointment are based on the family’s goals and needs, and therefore may be more broad than would be covered in a medical appointment. In addition, RISE appointments are offered on a self-pay basis, meaning that the family has elected to pay an out-of-pocket fee for this type of care.

What does a RISE appointment cost?

We strive to make our RISE consultations as affordable as possible to as many families as possible, while including the services of a board-certified physician and providing extensive resources and support. Currently, our one-hour RISE appointments are priced at $150, and shorter follow-up appointments of 30-45 minutes are priced at $95.

As with our medical practice, payments may be made by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Parker Place does not bill insurance for RISE appointments.

What can I expect at a RISE appointment?

When you contact us to book your consultation, our office manager will speak with you briefly about what you’re hoping to gain from the appointment, such as a goal you have for your child or family, or a concern you’d like to address with Dr. Parker. She’ll then schedule your appointment for a date and time that are convenient for you.

Prior to your appointment, we’ll email you with a link where you can complete our RISE forms online - these forms will help Dr. Parker in preparing for your appointment, so that you get the most value from your time with her.

Then, on the appointment day, you’ll arrive at our office and pay your consultation fee. After that, you’ll be seen privately by Dr. Parker, where she’ll discuss with you the purpose of your visit, your goals, and how she and our office can help.

Again, depending on your appointment reason, you’ll receive specially-selected, relevant resources during the appointment, in a followup email, or both. Dr. Parker can also talk with you about options for additional consultations, if appropriate.

What else do you have planned for RISE?

While individual and family appointments with Dr. Parker are the cornerstone of our RISE concept, we have other exciting things on the horizon! We’re exploring the possibility of video consultations, online support groups, helpful seminars and workshops, group wellness challenges, and more. We’ll update our website, and our growing community of RISE families, as new offerings are made available!

How Can I Schedule a Rise Appointment?

It’s easy! Simply contact us directly, or submit the inquiry form below and our office manager will call you to set up your visit.

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