We wanted to name our innovative wellness consultations something that would help differentiate them from our medical appointments, not to mention something fun! We chose the name RISE as an acronym representing our approach to serving families:

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We prioritize building a genuine rapport with each family, which includes getting to know their routines, their challenges, and their vision for their health.

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We aim to motivate families and get them excited about embracing positive and healthy habits as well as collaboratively setting and achieving their wellness goals.

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An essential part of RISE is being there for families on their wellness journey - we do this by providing encouragement, accountability, and a listening ear.

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With Dr. Parker’s guidance, and a wealth of curated resources on all aspects of wellness, we give families all the tools they need to transform their habits for a lifetime of good health.


Now that you know what RISE stands for, be sure to check out all the ways a RISE visit can benefit you and your family!