How Can RISE Help Your Family?


RISE visits are a completely customized experience, based on your own health goals and the obstacles you face in achieving them. There are many ways to design your own RISE experience:

  • You, your spouse or partner, or your child can come in individually, or any combination of family members can come together.

  • You can choose between a single visit (ideal for addressing a specific and clearly-defined question or concern) or a series of visits to help you build on what you’re learning and keep you accountable to your goals.

  • You choose the topics addressed in each of your visits, and Dr. Parker will provide guidance and resources tailored to your preferences.

Here are just some of the reasons you might choose to schedule a RISE consultation:


Parents and kids who want to team up in managing their weight and building healthier habits


Parents of “picky eaters” who need help making their child’s diet more nutritious


Busy families who can use support in planning healthier meals “on the go”


Families implementing a new diet (such as vegan, keto, paleo) who want to do it the healthy way


Teens who are choosing foods more independently and can use some nutrition guidance


Kids, teens or parents whose medications or health conditions have caused weight gain/loss or other unpleasant side effects


Parents who want to get the whole family excited about and involved in healthier meal planning and preparation


Families who want to introduce more physical activity into their “bonding time”


Parents needing advice on how to get their kids off the couch and back into more active, healthy pastimes


These are just some of the possibilities for what can be addressed in a single RISE visit or a series! Click below to learn more about what happens in a RISE consultation.