RISE was created as an innovative, affordable alternative to traditional medical appointments. Our consultation rates are based on the time spent directly with Dr. Parker, and are payable at the time of your visit:



75 minutes | $175

This rate applies to a single, “standalone” appointment or the first appointment in a series, and includes one hour and 15 minutes of consultation time with Dr. Parker, as well as curated resources on the health topic(s) discussed.



Followup Visits:

30-45 minutes | $75-95

These optional shorter visits are the perfect way to continue your progress toward building healthier habits, maintain accountability for your goals, and explore additional subjects of interest to you and your family. You’ll be provided with additional resources at each followup visit.



virtual & group visits:

Coming Soon!

In the near future, we plan to roll out options for keeping in touch with Dr. Parker via video chat, as well as small group experiences such as roundtable discussions, seminars, and more. Keep an eye out for details!


Have a question that hasn’t been covered already? Click below to visit our RISE-specific FAQ. You can also contact us to schedule your own RISE consultation!