Our Story at Parker Place

Parker Place is the culmination of Dr. Elizabeth Parker’s many years spent working with children to help them reach a healthy place in their lives.  As a pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Parker has treated all types of endocrine issues including thyroid problems, poor growth, puberty issues, and diabetes, Type 1 and 2. She previously worked as an attending physician at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., where she both observed and experienced the challenge medical providers face in providing support to patients and their families. This was primarily due to the limitation on time allotted to spend with each patient within a busy clinical setting.

Dr. Parker realized that, while many of her patients’ medical issues could be managed or even resolved by healthy lifestyle changes, the medical system in which she worked simply wouldn’t allow her to provide the additional guidance and followup she felt her patients and their parents deserved. As an advocate for children’s health and wellness, and for the well-being of families, she knew she wanted to make a difference.

Dr. Parker decided to launch a new type of medical practice where she would have time not only to treat her patients’ medical issues, but to do much more. She and her staff actively help patients and their families to make positive changes in their nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits. This, she believes, will not only create immediate improvements in their medical conditions, but will ultimately have the greatest long-term impact on their overall health. By educating and empowering children and parents or caregivers to make informed choices and take control of their health, she is providing them with tools that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Parker Place Staff

Parker Place opened its doors in July 2018, welcoming patients who currently struggle with, or are at risk for, endocrine disorders of all types. In addition to spending time with each patient and their parent or caregiver to understand their current daily routines as well as their medical problems, Dr. Parker also provides resources and ongoing support to help them succeed in improving their health. Dr. Parker has found that involving the whole family in making changes is absolutely essential to ensuring those changes become a regular part of their lives.

Dr. Parker’s medical practice, however, is only one part of Parker Place. In addition to her unique, lifestyle-focused approach to patient care, Dr. Parker also believes that pediatricians are responsible for preventing disease and nurturing health for all children, including those not currently experiencing any medical issues. For this reason, Parker Place was created to offer support to all families in raising healthy children and adolescents and in adopting healthy habits for a lifetime.

Our staff at Parker Place is often asked if its wellness programs are only for medical patients, and the answer is a resounding no! Parker Place is designed to be a fun, engaging place for the whole family, with programs and events for children of all ages as well as the adults in their lives. At Parker Place, children and parents alike can learn invaluable skills that will afford them a lifetime of health, and will find themselves motivated and inspired to put those skills to use. Our objective is to get kids and teens excited about improving their health and well-being, and to make it easy and enjoyable for parents to support their success.

We take that objective even further by partnering with schools, organizations, and special interest groups within our community for a truly collaborative approach to bolstering families’ health. We work directly with them to understand their specific goals and challenges so that we can create programs and resources that are relevant, accessible, and meet their needs. As such, our offerings are constantly evolving and we welcome families’ input and ideas, always.

Parker Place is also committed to supporting our community’s well-being in a variety of ways, from fundraising to volunteering, and we make it a priority to support the charitable causes and projects that mean the most to the families we serve through our programs here in our wellness center.

To learn more about the Parker Place team, please click here. You can also read more about our medical practice, or explore our wellness programs. Of course, we also invite you to contact us anytime with questions or to become more involved with Parker Place!